Founder, Producer & Co-host

Jess Pillay is an Indo-Fijian-American independent singer/songwriter and the founder and creator of The Takeback Podcast. She is passionate about racial equity and social justice and how they intersect with the creative arts. In June 2022, Jess released her debut EP Can Anybody Hear Me? — available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. When she’s not making music or rambling into a podcast mic, you’ll find Jess at home, savoring a delicious cup of homemade chai while she reads a good book or falls down an internet rabbit hole about the Pacific Northwest’s majestic orca pods.        


Co-founder & Co-host

Angelica De Anda is a 2nd generation Mexican-American Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a singer, and the co-founder of The Takeback Podcast. As a mental health professional, she loves walking alongside BIWOC in their healing journeys. Not your run of the mill counselor, she enjoys coming into the therapeutic relationship as her authentic self and uses humor and creative approaches in her work with her clients. Outside of the therapy office and the recording studio, you’ll find Angelica either out and about at local coffee shops, drinking copious amounts of coffee, chasing after her little one, and tending to her ever-growing plant collection.


Administrative & Social Media Coordinator

Stephanie Lam is a second year occupational therapy student at the University of Washington, where she also spent her undergraduate years. In addition to her admin/social media coordination work at The Takeback Podcast, she dabbles in "too many hobbies," resulting in boxes of unfinished crochet projects, half-learned dance choreographies, and many instagram accounts. In her spare time, you can find her exploring national parks with her travel buddy, Bob the Bobcat (link below), discovering u-picks in the local area for seasonal produce, attending community events, or trying to multitask jigsaw puzzling, crocheting, and listening to a podcast. You can also catch her dancing in Jess Pillay’s Shine On music video on YouTube.

Sam Cook-Stuntz

Sound Engineer & Editor

Sam Cook-Stuntz is a musician, an audio engineer, and the resident sound tech for The Takeback Podcast. Sam runs a home recording studio in Seattle called Homespun Audio, plays keys in the band The Early Warnings, and is generally just obsessed with all things music. Recently, someone asked him for the name of "that song you're always playing on the piano," and even with no additional context, he confidently replied, "You mean A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton?" because obviously it was that one.


Project & Operations Manager

Dan Pillay is an Indo-Fijian-American aerospace engineer with a background in aircraft interiors and component design. When he's not busy with his engineering projects, he helps keep The Takeback Podcast's "behind the scenes" operations in order. A tinkerer since childhood, Dan loves all things mechanical and enjoys learning about the physics and inner workings of machines. Aside from his career in engineering, Dan enjoys learning about other cultures, watching documentaries about ancient civilizations and extinct animals, listening to Ragtime, Jazz and R&B slow jams, and transforming himself into an 80s wrestling superstar.