Welcome to the Takeback!

Umm...what exactly are we taking back?

Jess Pillay and Angelica De Anda are two best friends from the Pacific Northwest who have a passion for storytelling, creative expression, and racial equity. 

Jess is an Indo-Fijian-American independent singer/songwriter, and Angelica is a Mexican-American licensed mental health counselor and singer. Together, they are on a quest to bring you powerful conversations and stories from other women of color who are navigating male-dominated creative industries and environments. 

This idea was birthed out of a personal experience Jess had when she was trying to find resources, tools, and support while building her independent music career. As she was researching and networking, she realized very quickly that most of the music business material out there is owned, published, or presented by white men — which makes sense, since women account for only about 21% of the music industry [Rolling Stone Magazine/University of Southern California]. The stats are even more sobering when you narrow the focus to women of color, specifically. 

Where were the tools, resources, and support systems for women of color creatives? Jess quickly realized the bitter truth: there really isn't much out there. (Why would there be when the system wasn't designed for them?)

After a bit of passionate ranting and lamenting, Jess and Angelica decided to do something about it. Instead of sitting in their feelings of helplessness, they partnered with a few friends and started this podcast with the hope of empowering other women of color creatives who may be feeling as invisible as Jess felt at the beginning of her journey. 

Join them in each episode as they chat with each other and several other women of color who are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, film makers, photographers, dancers, writers, and more about the unique challenges and triumphs they face as creatives and what practical, personal, and professional steps they are employing to take back the system. 

Artwork by: Alima Hill-Tekeyeva | Studio Visuali

Artwork by: Alima Hill-Tekeyeva | Studio Visuali

Our vision:   
We envision a world where women of color are empowered to maximize their creative impact.   


Our mission:   
We exist to elevate the stories of women of color who are conduits of change in creative spaces, who are taking back systems designed against them.